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Landscape Calculator was created with real world field experience of landscape contractors combined with the design knowledge and expertise of landscape architects. Our mission is to provide simple, accurate, and educational estimating tools for the landscape industry.

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Mulch Calculator

– How much mulch do I need?

Annual Calculator

– How many annuals do I need?

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Plant Calculator

– How many plants do I need?

Stone Calculator

– How much stone do I need for a specific area and depth?

Mowing Calculator

– How much turf can I mow in an hour?

Margin Calculator

– Calculate margin vs. mark-up and see the difference.

Project Calculator

– Enters costs to price a project at your desired margin.
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"I have referred this tool to many of my clients and they are appreciative that this has saved them time (therefore money) when calculating estimates or enhancements. I highly recommend www.LandscapeCalculator.com to companies involved in any aspect of the landscape industry."

Ellen E.

President, Landscape Training Solutions

"Finally, a landscape calculator that correctly lets me know the real number of plants we need for plant installation jobs. This is especially helpful when determining the amount of annuals needed for our beds by correctly taking into consideration spacing from the edge of the bed, between each plant and planting technique of alternating each row. I you think that a 10’ x 10’ bed that has annuals planted a foot apart will take 100 plants, you have overestimated by over 20% the amount needed! The calculator also provides you with the choice of calculating for landscape beds that have trees growing in them so that these "real life" situations can be translated into the equation while giving you and accurate plant number."

S. Sullivan

Divisional Horticulturist, BRICKMAN

"Landscape Calculator is a great estimating tool and extremely convenient! I use it on a regular basis and have recommended it to my co-workers as well. It has saved me time and has improved the accuracy of my estimates."

Charles B.

Account Manager/Landscape Architect, BRICKMAN: Northern Virginia

"LandscapeCalculator.com is very useful for me. Great tool for accuracy which helps save money by not having leftover products/plants or returning with more to complete a job. They have broken items down by type which makes the site very easy to use."

Brian S.

U.S. Lawns, Florida

"www.LandscapeCalculator.com is a useful tool for quickly determining quantities of products. The results are accurate and fast. I use this tool as a means of double checking most of my quantity estimates when preparing bids. It is a stand alone tool that I would recommend to any landscape estimator."

Rod M.

Branch Manager, ValleyCrest Companies

"At Ibis Nursery, we included a link from our web site to the Landscape Calculator. It's the only tool we recommend to our customers when they're trying to estimate mulch coverage. The estimates are always right on the money, and my clients like that they can even specify a mulch thickness. Outstanding. Nothing saves time and money like buying the right amount of materials the first time. I don't know what we'd do without it."

Eric & Kerry B.

Owners, Ibis Nursery, Florida